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Need Individual or Group Training on Working With The Government?

We are Experts In All Phases of Selling To The Government:

  • Learn About Different Types of Federal Contracts FSS, GSA, ECAT, DAPA, etc.
  • Search Tools – How to Search for All Information: Competition, Pricing, Who Has Contracts, etc. 
  • Applying for a Federal Contract Steps:  Solicitation Package, Reporting, etc 
  • Making Changes to an Existing Contract: Adding Products, Increasing Prices, Price Reduction, etc.
  • Must Information on a Successful Contract: Tracking Customers, Sales Reports, Audits, BPAs, etc.
  • Making it Work – The Ins & Outs - E-Tools, VISN’s, Designated Countries, Award Decisions, Post Award Actions, IFF, Credit Cards,   FARs, etc.
  • All about "Open Market" selling. (Off Contract)

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