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Preferred Marketing Programs Help your sales team bring high value to their customers in every single interaction.

The FIRST EVER online sales training tool that gives you a competitive advantage AND increases your value to your customers.

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What if you and your sales reps could gain a competitive advantage because you were personally trained and coached how to sell into Healthcare more effectively by top current, and former, Healthcare leaders?

Imagine the competitive advantage you would have if you knew exactly how Healthcare leaders made their decisions, chose their vendors and assessed real value.

And, what if you could receive that personal training and coaching 24/7, 365 from any device! How valuable would that kind of sales training tool be to you?

Now you can!

It’s the TOPS Learning Institute - the FIRST EVER online sales training tool designed to give you a competitive advantage AND increase your value to your customers... brought to you by Preferred Marketing Programs.

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Specific areas of training by industry experts include:

These are examples of trainings that will be available, additional trainings and topics added quarterly.

Healthcare Professionals in a Meeting

  • Understanding healthcare’s strategic goals - and how to discuss them with your customers

  • Trends shifting buying power in healthcare and what that means for your customer

  • Value analysis - Supply Chain Science of the Future

  • Imperatives for Strategic Selling into Healthcare

  • Reimbursement Challenges – Volume to Value

  • Cost, Quality & Outcomes CQO

  • Hospital’s Budget, Know What You Don’t Know

  • GPO Processes and Why Hospitals Depend on Them

  • Know Your Customer’s Policy, Guidelines & Structure

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With the TOPS Learning Institute you will:

  • Have greater confidence that you and your sales reps will be more informed in front of a decision-maker
  • Understand the business of Healthcare in a way to best position their products/services to solve business needs
  • Have access to THE most cutting-edge sales strategy
  • Will be personally trained and coached by present, and former, Healthcare leaders as to how to specifically sell into Healthcare.
  • Supply your reps with THE most cutting-edge sales tool
  • Have use of the tool more immediately than your competition
  • Seize a window of opportunity faster than your competition

Without the TOPS Learning Institute:

  • Your sales reps risk being uninformed in front of decision-makers.
  • Your sales reps may be viewed or labeled irrelevant by a decision-maker
  • Your reps lose influence and market share to competitors
  • You have to make assumptions and guesses as to adapting sales strategy
  • You lose time in making critical adaptations to sales strategy
  • You miss opportunity windows
  • You lose revenue opportunity
  • Your reps are not equipped with the tools your competitors will have
  • Your reps will operate from a disadvantage
  • You make the wrong call during the most important part of the game

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