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Special Announcement - Join the Fun with Sales Managers USA Networking Group

It's just what the name suggests. Networking for Sales Managers across the globe. This will include VP's, Directors, Regional Managers, District Managers and more.

SMUSA - "Sales at the Top Floor" is 5 stars ***** and has the following benefits.
It's Free
Special newsletter each month on sales tips, strategies, industry trends and more.
Articles monthly, written by member sales managers on a choice of topics. Your choice.
Members choose the direction of the group.
Help Line!

RULES: There aren't any, yet.

MEMBERS: All members of the Healthcare Sales Managers Group in LinkedIn will automatically become members. To add your name to the membership list, join my group on LinkedIn or email me at and I will sign you up. Let's continue to network. Holler if you have questions or suggestions.